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The GSeat Ultra changed my life!

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- Holly -

My sister and i bought this for my dad who is an engineer on a locomotive train and experiences back pain. He loves it!

- Mark Thornton (Musician) -

I’ve used this for a 4 hour gig in a pit orchestra. SO MUCH better than just sitting on a metal chair. This Gseat makes a huge difference when sitting for long periods of time.

- Michael Fazzio - Parsippany, NY -

Bought this for my wife. She loves it! Uses it in work because she is sitting most of the day. Highly recommend to people with lower back issues.

- Melanie Krantz -

I like the small one so much that I am considering buying the larger gel seat to use at sporting events.

- Boston, MA -

I have tried several lumbar back cushions and seat cushion. This is my overwhelming favorite – the gel is firm and comfortable to sit on. I have found the regular foam pillows to be insufficiently supportive and too bulky. This cushion supports the natural curve of my spine, eliminating back and muscle strain. The only challenge is that in a car, you’ll need to adjust your car seat for the added height of the cushion. I own 4 of these for the cars, as well as kitchen and office chairs.

- Carol Burgess -

I bought this seat cushion after breaking my tailbone. Nothing feels comfortable when that happens, but this seat sure makes things much more bearable. We were headed to Disney on vacation just 2 weeks after the break. This cushion let me enjoy the rides. It was easy to carry around everywhere we went. And it fit perfectly on all the rides and attractions.

- Christopher Lumsargis -

I purchased this cushion for a 1000 mile trip. It worked amazingly. My back did not hurt or was I very sweaty. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone who drives alot.

- Lawrence Bajor - North Woods, MI -

This cushion is firm. That fact is what makes it work. I had disc surgery 20 years ago. Driving will cause me back pain. I use this cushion to protect my lower spine from being buried into my car seat when the car hits a bump. The G Seat does this better than anything I have owned to date. Other cushions become very flat after a few minutes in the car. The G Seat does not loose its thickness even after hours protecting my most precious asset.

- Nancy Yamashita -

I bought this for my husband because he complained his back hurt from sitting while working at his desk. At first he chuckled about it but after using it for about a week he said, “hey…this thing really works. My back doesn’t hurt anymore.” Get it, use it…it works!

- J. Hayes -

I was skeptical of this cushion because the gel is not very soft. However, it is excellent. I took on a 12 hr non-stop plane trip and had no discomfort at all. Also, it fit perfectly in the seat. I now use it at home on my chair at my kitchen table. Love it!!!

- Kevin Fetner - Walla Walla, WA -

This product is a godsend. But if you read reviews about this type of product, they are all over the place in opinions. So…I can only say that this worked for me and saved hundreds of dollars redoing the driver’s seat in my old Benz. It has a portable handle, bumps on the bottom to keep it in place and not so thick that it changes your seating position. It doesn’t seem affected by cold or hot weather etc.

- B.P.M. - Long Island, NY -

I have 3 herniated disks (1 in lumbar section, 2 in cervical) with out this product it would be impossible for me to sit in many places at all, let alone comfortably. I have 3 of them and they make it possible for me to attend class/work, enjoy sporting events, and even sit at the dinner table with my family.

- R.S. Holt - Melb, FL -

My new car has bucket seats that are tilted too far “backwards,” and worse are quite firm. (I suppose to last longer??) This seat cushion is exactly sufficient to make the seat remarkably like my custom leather seated other car’s more bench-like front seat. (Camry) Don’t have near the “back-tilt” that cuts one’s back of one’s thigh, either. Just made the seat excellent for driving my new Scion xD–and bonus, it can be easily taken with me to football game stadium benches, or restaurant wooden chairs, etc.

- Tucson, AZ -

Bought this for a friend who has a lumbar disc problem. She really found it helpful. Lessened her pain with sitting. Needed physical therapy and traction in conjunction with the G seat. She doesn’t need surgery now.

- Arbizval -

My tuches applauded this cushion … I used every day in my car and it took care of the annoying pain on the tail bone!!!

- Baybeaz -

I sat for 8 hours listening to lectures and I have a bad back. . . no problems with that but only my butt for sitting so long. love it and bought 2 so i could share with one other family member

- Albert Edens, Aviator -

Fellow pilot recommended this wonderful product. Using cushion in aircraft. Very comfortable. Would definitely consider purchasing this product again.

- Kelly Spurlock -

I have one Gelco cushion I purchased through Galam products. I really love it. I’ve been dealing with debilitating back pain since 1992. Four surgeries later I’ve been left with scarring as well as nerve damage. I can only sit for a few minutes at best. Thank you for making those minutes as comfortable as possible. Are you coming out with more product soon?

- Warren Buckles - Madison, WI -

Excellent Product — the only one that works for my severe sclatica, and I have tried 4-5 others! This is my second one.

- Dr. Joel Alter - Osteopath - Santa Rosa, CA -

I liked the new seat (Mobility GSeat). The angle helps you sit more upright and the firmness seems right.

- Respectfully, Paul M. Jordan -

A couple of years ago, I saw the GSeat in the World Perks Mall magazine and throught that it would make a lot of sense to have on long drives. Prior to seeing the catalog, I had been making a lot of long trips (14-16 hours non-stop driving) to see my son at various stages in his military training at Ft. Benning, GA; Ft. Polk, LA; Ft. Monmouth, NJ; and West Point, NY. But, with all those trips behind me (my son graduated from West Point and is now headed towards Korea), and no future long driving trips in sight, I put the purchase off. Then, a couple of months ago, I woke up with a sclatic nerve problem causing continuous pain in my right leg. I started going to my chiropractor who said most of his patients have long commuted to work. I had just changed from an 11-mile drive to Ann Arbor (15 minutes) to a 45-mile drive to downtown Detroit (60-90 minutes). With his help, the pain has been decreasing and remembered the GSeat and felt it could help, and hopefully stop the pain from returning. When I got the seat, at my work address, I immediately tried it out and liked it so much I didn’t want to put it in my car. So I ordered another one. For friends that do have long commutes, or just do a lot of driving, I am passing on the word. Thank you for your friendly voice and helpful attitude.

- Mario Solis - Extreme Wheelchair Athlete - Encinitas, CA -

I just wanted to say thanks for the gel pad. I’ve been using it hard core, and it’s holding up. The most benefit comes from riding my hand cycle for more than two hours at a time. I usually get back pain after 1.5 hours of riding. I’m over 2 hours riding without any pain, which allows me to train harder.

- Marion Mathis - Maxwell,CA -

I ordered this cushion for my 84 year old mother who is very thin. She finds it uncomfortable to sit on hard surfaces for any length of time. Now she can go with us to basketball games, fund raisers etc. and stay with us the entire time! It’s easy to carry,light weight, and it fits in the basket of her walker. Great product.

- Stephanie Valdez - Supply Base Manager - San Jose, CA -

The Gelco Seat is extremely beneficial if one is seated for long periods of time. The GSeat provides support to make the body sit up in a chair instead of sitting in an improper position. Also provides support for the lower back and makes any chair more comfortable. Great product.

- Tamara Niessner - Camarillo, CA -

I’ve used regular foam cushions, but hadn’t tried any gel cushions. The regular square wheelchair-style cushions are too bulky and inconvenient for my needs. I had looked at a lot of cushions before I came across your website. I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for the minute I saw the GSeat. I think you have a great product.

- R. Torres - Tampa, FL -

 travel between Tampa and Honolulu every two weeks for business and decided that I needed better support for my rear end to put up with this brutal trip. I bought the G-Seat along with a sleep mask, ear plugs and neck pillow and the combination made a big difference for me for these trips. I am able to sleep for longer periods and don’t wake up to numb legs and buttocks. The coccyx doesn’t bother me anymore after the first five hours of the trip as it used to before. I can only say good things about this seat cushion that I decided to use it in the office too. In one of my trips and to my surprise, a gentleman seating in front of me that travels between Atlanta and Honolulu for business had the G-seat and it also made a big difference for him.

- Tim Mansfield - Leesburg, VA -

I was experiencing severe back pain and leg lower leg numbness from sitting for extended periods of time so I gave it a try and the pain and numbness are now gone.

- Irene - Cypress,CA -

The Gseat was the best thing I’ve purchased in a long time. I recently took a 15+ hour flight to China and took along the Gseat it was such a pain saver I would highly recommend everyone who travels near or far to make this purchase your legs, back and butt will thank you.

- R. Collins - New York -

I am a court reporter and this has SAVED me on days I show up and all there are are wooden chairs! Love it!

- S. Rentz - Del City, OK -

This item is great to reduce lower back pain and pressure. It also helps with hot spots for those who have to sit for extended periods. I would highly recommend this product!! My chiropractor told me to get this to reduce my lower back and leg pain.

- Bill Winans - Albany, NY -

I’ve tried other cushions for relief of both prostatitis and chronic hemorrhoids, but this indeed is the best option available. Yes, it is a bit more expensive than others, but the best is never cheap. It completely takes pressure off the perineum and other sensitive areas. I sit for a living and have never been more comfortable. The built-in carrying handle is a plus, especially when facing public places with torturous hard wooden chairs. I fully plan on purchasing a second one for office use only. ONE YEAR LATER: As above, I purchased this product sixteen months ago to take pressure off the perineum and soft tissues to try and help relieve chronic prostate infections and periodic hemmoroidal flare-ups. I have not had one single symptom of either ever since! Also gets an A+ for durability. I have used this product daily both at work and while driving and after sixteen months, it shows almost no sign of wear except a slight compression of the gel near the front. Normal wear and tear definitely exceeds expectations.