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The GSeat Ultra is larger and thicker for maximum all day comfort and support. Our Dynamic Density technology combines the benefits of gel and memory foam to disperse pressure where you need it most.



Approx. Thick: 2″
Wide: 18″
Deep: 16″
Weight: 3.4 lbs.

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GSeat UltraThe GSeat Ultra is larger and thicker for maximum all day comfort and support. It combines the benefits of gel and memory foam to disperse pressure where you need it most. The forward slope design improves your posture and helps relieve low-back pain. The center-relieved groove eliminates pressure on soft tissue and tailbone (coccyx). The patented integrated handle and foldable design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go.

  • Enhances comfort wherever you sit
  • Forward slope helps restore proper posture
  • Center relieved groove eliminates soft tissue pressure and suspends the tailbone (coccyx)
  • Relief from prostate, postnatal, postoperative discomfort
  • Integrated handle and foldable design
  • Available in Black, Prome, Pink and Neon Green


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9 reviews for GSeat Ultra

  1. Justin P

    Awesome. Takes all pressure off my tail bone while sitting at my desk and in the car, never thought I could be this comfortable again. Just ordered another one, bought my first less than 3 months ago.

  2. Marius Markus

    I use the gseat for indoor rowing and it is a great product. It relieves the pressure on my tailbone and lower back and my workout would be painful without it.

  3. Paul R. (verified owner)

    Love this. I use it normally when sitting on a wooden chair at a desk, but also take it for conferences or when I’m driving out of town. It keeps me comfortable after sitting for hours. It offers so much comfort that after it arrived, I stopped using the GSeat (normal) that a family member had lent me, because the GSeat felt like it was so little cushioning, when compared to the Ultra. The Ultra appears to be a rather rugged construction. I also like the rough material that is on the bottom side–it gives it a non-slide surface (I have to forcibly apply pressure to move the Ultra, once I’ve placed it on a chair). That is nice so it won’t slide around.

  4. Linda Chandler

    This product saved my life! I have had coxxydynia for the past year and couldn’t sit for 10 minutes without being in agony. With the help of an amazing Physical Therapist – Kaylena Chan and this cushion I recently took a 2 week trip to Europe – I did cars, trains and airplanes, sat in restaurants and even got half way through a show without much pain. Definitely would recommend this item for people suffering from tail bone pain. I used a lumbar pillow with this cushion on the planes, trains and in the car which worked great. It worked great by itself on a regular chair. Theatre seat not so good but overall I was thrilled with it. Thank you

  5. Linda Mayer (verified owner)

    I am a pianist with hip bursitis. This G-Ultra cushion definitely helps. I am buying a second one for use while driving.

  6. Perry L. (verified owner)

    I have severe sciatica that originates in the buttock, and this seat cushion works great. It is a little tight, but I carry it in my leather work bag to use in meetings. I also use it in the car. I highly recommend it to anyone who finds it difficult to sit on hard surfaces.

  7. Curt Ott

    Great product, anyone who drive’s long hours in a truck of any kind will appreciate this seat, especially on day’s where you do not have an air seat, great service team/dept when ordering and delivery time is very quick, but best of all, at the end of day, your back & tail bone will feel a lot better and you will not feel beat up from that long ride!

  8. Anne W.

    I have a gseat ultra in each car and one in the house. Sitting or driving is painful without it. I also have the smaller gseat (not the lite) and it works for a few minutes of sitting but nothing really works as well as the ultra for an hour or more of sitting. I have a misaligned skeleton and not sure why sitting is pain free only with this seat, but it is. I credit the gel and have never had this success with memory foam. I hope they keep the gel percentage up high in the future. I would rather have a heavy seat that works than a light one that doesn’t. I’ve learned not to carry them by the handles which wear out fast. Overall, they are the best cushions for me.

  9. Ann (verified owner)

    I had been driving 1,200 miles between NY and South Dakota without much of an issue in my previous vehicle but when I got a new vehicle, I found out how important the seats are! My hips and lower back were not very happy with me when I‘d get out of the car after only a couple hours of a two and a half day drive. During my last drive back to NY, all I could think about was trying to resolve that issue with the G Seat Ultra I knew I had back in NY. I had it with me for my most recent drive west and – voila! – a much less painful trip! ~ This past weekend, my husband was in my newer vehicle for a 4+ hour drive between North and South Dakota – He had the same complaints I did on my previous drives, only from the passenger seat. I let him try my GSU – my drive comfort deteriorated without the GSU from there, his, with the GSU, got better. Definitely the G Seat Ultra at work! ~ Anyway – thank you! I’m a believer. I always was but the improvement with the seat in my car was so much more profound than on my fairly-ergonomically-correct desk chair. I just ordered another one – now that I’m aware my car has two uncomfortable front seats, and we’d both like to arrive happy!

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Gelco Products uses a visco-elastic gel that disperses pressure at the point of contact. The gel maintains its shape better than foam products and because the gel never “bottoms out” and less material is needed to achieve a high degree of comfort. By incorporating functional design with quality materials, Gelco Products creates comfort-enhancing products that reduce pressure and increase comfort. ×
The slight forward slope helps you sit with good posture and helps to keep your low back in a natural and healthy alignment. This natural alignment helps to avoid back pain and fatigue. ×
The center relieved groove is inspired by the “split rail” bike seat design and is meant to relieve all pressure on soft tissues and the tailbone. ×
The patented, integrated “hassle free” handle makes it easy to take your GSeat anywhere you go. Better Posture, More Comfort…anywhere anytime ×
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