Privacy Policy

Gelco Products, Inc. values our customer’s privacy and will not sell your email address

to anyone for any reason. For those customers who have purchased our products, we will

occasionally send email promotions and offers on our line of GSeats.


Gelco Products does not keep credit card numbers in our system and we receive only the last 

four digits of our customer credit card numbers through our payment gateway,

Gelco Products uses a visco-elastic gel that disperses pressure at the point of contact. The gel maintains its shape better than foam products and because the gel never “bottoms out” and less material is needed to achieve a high degree of comfort. By incorporating functional design with quality materials, Gelco Products creates comfort-enhancing products that reduce pressure and increase comfort. ×
The slight forward slope helps you sit with good posture and helps to keep your low back in a natural and healthy alignment. This natural alignment helps to avoid back pain and fatigue. ×
The center relieved groove is inspired by the “split rail” bike seat design and is meant to relieve all pressure on soft tissues and the tailbone. ×
The patented, integrated “hassle free” handle makes it easy to take your GSeat anywhere you go. Better Posture, More Comfort…anywhere anytime ×
Gelco Products - Best Gel Seat Cushions Ever!