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China challenged The World into a Fighting Championship that was Mind Blowing

The start of September brought along a challenge that every sports fighting enthusiast should have seen. The Rebel Fighting Championship that took place in China, on the 2nd of September, provided quite a show. Demonstrations of pure physical power, flawless techniques, and a perfect entwining of elements coming from different martial arts, they were all present at this championship. The show had everything it needed to keep its audience speechless and breathless, as everybody was watching the performance of their favorites.

For this event, we decided to sponsor a fighter that promises a lot and has a wide range of skills that can turn him into an all-time winner. We are talking about Shannon Ritch, a middleweight fighter that used to serve in the US Army. Although things didn’t work out very well for Shannon Ritch during this championship, we are confident that he is going to be even more motivated to improve his performances in the future. None of us believes that a lost match is a failure, as it is more a lesson that needs to be learned in order to exceed personal limits. Most certainly Shannon knows his weak spots at the moment and what he needs to do to improve them, so that next time he’ll meet his opponent he will be able to obtain a victory.

This event was incredibly interesting both for us and for the fighters as well. The best part about fighting championships is that you never know what will happen. The adrenaline, the excitement, the impossibility to see the outcome of this fight, these are all some of the ingredients each person in the audience enjoys while making sure that their favorite fighters are throwing a good performance. For us, there are no losers in this equation, only fighters that gave their best and that will use each experience to become better and prove to their fans that they can succeed and provide amazing matches at future events.

Shannon’s match lasted for good 4 minutes, in which the display of physical force was proof that this fighter has great potential. The advantage of the other fighter was that he was a bit more technical, something that can be learned during intensive and consistent practicing and training. Shannon Ritch may have been in the military, gaining skills that can be extremely useful, but things work slightly different in fighting championships. We are confident that he is going to perfect his skills, this is why we will continue to sponsor and support him. He is not the quitter type, so most certainly he is going to throw a great match in future events. So don’t go too far because we are going to provide all the details you need to know about coming fighting championships and Shannon Ritch’s evolution in the fighting ring.